Through Adversity We Enter The Kingdom of God                                            Acts 14:22

Morning Manna teaches you how to advance in adverse season  of life. Gaining Gods persepctive on your trials & tribulations will cause you to progress in pain, move forward despite your hardships.  Our mission is to encourage you to walk onward,  cross over, pass over , move ahead by taking small steps of faith. Even if you have to move forward alone! The pain of each place of difficulity, has refined you, your former seasons of hardship & heartach have refined you. He has been reshaping,  remolding you through your crises, trauma, mistreatment & sorrow. HE has been fashioning you into HIS IMAGE & LIKENESS, through the seasons of adversity.

I assure you ADVERISTY is not PUNISHMENT, It is PREPARATION & POSITIONING for greater levels of LEADERSHIP!  GOD is grooming you for a GOVERNING ROLE. God allows major storms as HE can train us for major leadship roles.Will you allow HIM to teach, train, develop you in the fiery furances of life? Or will you refused to be refined?   

Adversity is apart of living in a fall world, in a world where sin abounds, but where GRACE does much more abound! HE promises to turn the years of adversity, into years of praise & honor! Through FAITH & PATIENCE you will inherit the blessings!  There is PURPOSE behind the Pain! God wants to train you in the storm! We can not avoid adversity, without avoiding GROWTH & MATURITY. Your Father desires that you are not  MOVED by  storms but MOVED by HIM who CONTROLS the STORM!  HE wants you to be ROOTED & GROUNDED in the LORD  & MASTER of the STORM. HIS WILL is that you should be PLANTED in your TRUST in HIM through the storms of life!



Advance In Adversity Isaiah 43:2

Remember, God will never allow an Adversity you can not handle! HE will not permit a situation that HE will not bring good out of or He would not have let this happen to you. 2 Cor. 4:8 We are troubled on every side but not distressed. Preplexed but not in despair, persecuted but not forsaken, cast down but not destroyd. In adverse circumstances you have the opportunity to bloom under pressure, instead of freaking out, losing it, breaking down, or caving in you will be able to handle the stresses & pressures under a varity  of troubles. As you remain in Gods Word, you  will gain in strenght, rise up with  a Mental Toughness that God desires His Children to walk in during the trials of life, but with a heart of compassion that reflects His Nature.