Be blessed as you now watch: 

"MORNING MANNA" with Roseanna Roman

"Morning Manna is the weekly 30-minute teaching broadcast of Evangelist Roseanna Roman, which can be watched on The Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network at:, or on our Roku Streaming HSBN Channel, or on our 24/7 HSBN Youtube Live Streaming Channel.

Viewers are taught how to ADVANCE IN ADVERSITY, she herself instructs you in the Word of God & invites other 5 Fold Ministry Gifts to come along side her to share their wisdom on PROGRESSING in PAIN,  MOVING FORWARD dispite HARDSHIPS!

t is our vision & goal to reach all people around the world with the saving message of Jesus Christ and to provide spiritual teaching and counseling to all those who decide to follow Him, through producing programs focused on faith, hope, discipleship, prayer, and victory.